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Not Horny or Randy. Just DFAS Giles.
12 March 2007 @ 09:30 pm
FIC RECS for author: lilithbint (slash)
Well...all set up, but...their client's server is down, so...I gotta wait until it's back up before they can make sure my ID and password work. In the meantime, I'll continue to pay it forward...!

In no particular order; just putting them as I find them in her journal. Hers are mostly one-shots; at least, the ones I've read are.

1. He Watches. FOR ADULTS ONLY. Set Season 7 of BtVS episode. Angel did not return to L.A immediately after giving Buffy the amulet. Nobody really thinks Spike just held Buffy do they? But, who would Angel mourn the loss of more? (My notes: This is really well done. I personally like all three ships involved in this triangle, but I think she accomplishes an amazing feat with this fic, wherein the reader feels sorry for Angel without getting angry with Spike or Buffy because of the way she wrote it.)

2. True Love. FOR ADULTS ONLY. Liam Montague meets and falls in love with William Capulet. Can these two star crossed lovers be together? (My notes: It's not corny at all. It's beautifully written. Just...read it. Oh, and...yes, it ends with character death.)

3. On Top. FOR ADULTS ONLY. written for spankspike kink request on feedmykink. Here’s what she requested…DETAILS: I'd like Spike to somehow win the right to make Angel do anything he wants (don't care how this is done). He wants to spank Angel, not so much to cause real pain, but to arouse him enough to get him to want Spike to f**k him. Angel should be restrained in some way during the spanking, unable to get off so that he's desperate and begging Spike to let him come. After Angel agrees to take it from Spike for the first time, Spike changes his mind - he's so excited by Angel's begging for it that he's dying for Angel to f**k him instead. I want them to be very rough and very consumed by passion throughout the entire thing!!! (My notes: If you can get past the "spanking, bondage, shades of non-con, rimming, fingering, and vampire sex" in this story...the ending is a hoot! And, trust me, folks, if I got through it, you can. I'm a lightweight when it comes to that stuff!) Willing, the sequel!

4. Desire. FOR ADULTS ONLY. As requested by girlpire In order to concentrate more fully on his mission, Angel decides to overcome the distraction of physical pleasure by wearing a chastity device during the week. He allows himself one orgasm on weekends, but then puts it right back on. Nobody knows about this. Then one weekend he looks for the key to his belt, and it’s gone (there’s no spare, and no other way to remove the device – it’s probably been enchanted or something, I don’t know...). Anyway, guess who’s found the key! (My notes: Can I just say...YUMMY?)

5. Penance. FOR ADULTS ONLY. POSSIBLY OFFENSIVE TO CATHOLICS. Inspired by Morgan’s wonderful video Confessions http://www.fangfans.com/videos/sal/vidsal.html Choir boy William lusts after Father Liam, what will happen when he confesses his desire? (My notes: You know how nowadays you shouldn't always leave during the movie credits? If you think this one isn't your cup of tea...wait until the end! Trust me on this!)

6. The Night before He Lost It All. AGE 13 - UP. DEATH. Drabbles written as a result of a prompt that was the same as the title. (My notes: Very, very good stream of consciousness. Makes me wish I'd had such trains of thought for my claim of Ensouled Spike over at fanfic100! LOL)
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