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Not Horny or Randy. Just DFAS Giles.
12 March 2007 @ 07:12 pm
FIC-17 (hardcore) Buffy/Spike: "Ohhhh, yeah." by dfasgiles
More recs to come soon...finally got word from my new job and have been setting up online with them all day, so...probably won't be doing more recs until the weekend. Until then, it'll be cuts and pastes of my stuff, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... ;-)

Title: "Ohhhh, yeah."
Personal Fanfic Community: dfasgbaf (All fics post here first)
Personal Fanfic Yahoo Group: DFAS Giles Bloody Awful Fanfiction (Often forget to post het here)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Relationship: Buffy/Spike
Rating: FIC-17 for hardcore sex, vampire biting
Genre: Smut/PWP
Word Count: 748
Spoilers: Up to and including Season 6, "Smashed" and "Wrecked." Read no further in these headers if you do not want to be spoiled for those episodes.
Summary: Buffy and Spike awaken after one of their many romps, and Buffy surprises Spike yet again with how far she's willing to go.
The characters Buffy and Spike belong to Joss Whedon and all his industry affiliates. No one receives profit from this. I write it only for guilty pleasure and to further the fan base of a great show, an activity that Joss himself has encouraged on more than one occasion, saying he knows free advertising when he sees it.
Constructive criticism, both negative and positive, will be accepted with grace and gratitude. Destructive criticism (insults without examples from my work and suggestions for improvement to fortify the insults) will be deleted and will earn a block from journal, community, inbox, and/or group. Praise is always accepted, of course!
Author's note:
Again, this is not my usual preference for how I write Buffy/Spike. This idea actually came to me as a Buffy/Angel story, but I didn't see it fitting into them anywhere without Angelus rearing his ugly head, so I decided to write it for these two during Season 6.
Archive sites, etc., of which I am a member. Anyone else, please ask here. If you're willing to share the archive info with me, I will probably say yes. Thanks for your interest!

Buffy made a small whimper-groan and stirred on Spike's chest. He lifted his head to glance down at her.

"She has risen," he quipped.

She brought both hands under her head on his chest and plopped her chin in between the knuckles of the topmost hand. "I could say the same about you," she said through her mushed-together lips, rubbing her hips against his awakening cock.

"Yeah, well--" His hands came up to grab one butt cheek and one shoulder-- "let's just say I know a good thing when I have it, luv."

"Mm, is that right?"

She let him pull her into his passionate kisses, but when his kisses turned to softer, sweeter touches that went straight to her heart, she diverted down his jawline.

"Where did Drusilla bite you when she sired you?" she asked.

"What?" What was she on about, now? "Why?"

"Because I wanna know." Buffy nipped and licked a trail down his neck until she found it: the one scar on vamps that never healed. "Mmmmm, yummy." Grabbing it with her teeth, she started to suck...hard.

Hissing, Spike arched his back, his hips lifting completely off the floor.

"You don't want to be doing that, luv," he warned through gritted teeth. "Things'll get a bit wild--even for you."

Her head snapped up, and she locked gazes with his. "Try me."

Spike's eyes widened a bit before getting an amber tint to them. His face remained human...by sheer willpower alone.

"You're not hearin' me, pet. That pact we had: the 'no biting' bit? All bets are off if you nibble that spot much more. No more Buffy the Spike Tamer."

Smirking at him with her mouth but glaring at him with her eyes, she dove for the scar on his neck once more, sucking even harder and adding a little working with her teeth this time.

Lifting his hips even higher off the ground, Spike growled, "B-lood-y--" and his demon sprung forth with a roar. He turned his head to face Buffy, grabbing her by the hair.

Their eyes met, and he pulled her down for a rough kiss.

She pulled away with a breathy cry, then smiled and said, "Ohhhh, yeah..." and without another word, reached back, grabbed his cock, and slammed herself down onto it.

Spike's eyes nearly popped out from under his wrinklies.

"'Oh, yeah'?" he asked. She nodded. "'Oh, yeah'?" She nodded again. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down flat against him so that the wind was knocked from her momentarily. "I'll give you, 'Oh, yeah--'" He grabbed her ass and gave a quick, hard thrust, making her gasp with the pleasure of it-- "like you've never had 'Oh, yeah.'"

He deftly flipped them over, so that Buffy was on the floor, and began to pump into her hard so that she was crying out with each of his thrusts. When he was sure that she was close to orgasm, he pounced, sinking his fangs into her neck.

Buffy hissed with the initial hot pain of the bite, but she was so full of another kind of heat that she barely noticed any pain at all. Within seconds, the ecstasy was all she felt, and it went straight to her pussy--the other place he was deep inside her. Ohgodohgodohgod. Oh. Go-o-od, YES!

They both came hard, and he pulled his fangs out of her neck with a triumphant roar. The blood of a slayer. He'd forgotten what paradise it was--and to taste it at the same time he was--

It was bloody fantastic--pun thoroughly intended.

Gazing down at her, he collapsed onto her as her body relaxed.

"Oh, God. Ohhhh, God. That was--"

Spike smiled warmly at her. "Felt good, did it?"

She let out a breathless laugh. "Uhhhh...yea-eah!" She looked up at him, then. "Remind me why we didn't do this sooner?"

His smile widened. "Well, you see...there was this pact you insisted I agree to--"

"Forget it." She was still breathing hard.

He tried--he really did--but he couldn't keep a little chuckle from escaping. "Done."

He rolled off her, then, and gathered her to him. "Might want to go home and get some genuine sleep, now, pet. I didn't take much, but it's good policy to rest a bit after you lose some of the red stuff. Also," he added, rubbing slow circles on her belly, "get some protein in that gorgeous body, or you'll go all sickly."

She turned her head to give him a quirky smile. "You're a very strange vampire."

He stretched his entire body, putting his hands behind his head. "Yeah....'S why you're here, innit?"

Pressing her lips together, she stood and gathered her clothes.

Shaking his head, Spike watched her go. She'll admit it....Someday, she'll admit it.

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